Notes from Augmented Reality in Warehouse online class

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This Augmented Reality class was done to provide an overview of the technology in the context of facility design.

Augmented reality has the potential to transform the way you design and operate your facility reducing capital costs, increasing efficiency and order accuracy.

Augmented reality is a type of virtual reality that is really intended to add computer based information to the things we see around us.

It works by performing 4 key functions:

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Instagram notes


Hello, thanks for visiting this page. Here there are some book recommendations. I will keep updating this site regularly. If you have can recommend me a book or article (or anything ), just comment below. Thanks!

This is a book I liked (click on image for amazon site). You find interesting facts about life in general even when it is a novel type read.

I also read “Winning” by Jack Welch. I also recommend it.

Is there a better way to get off airplanes?

A recent study show us that exiting by column and not by row cut down deboarding times significantly.




According to this study the time savings can be of at least 35%.

Why it makes sense? Currently, each person moves towards the exit as soon as they physically can — which slows down everyone behind them because they often end up blocking the whole line as they get their bag down. Continue reading Is there a better way to get off airplanes?

2 great and 2 not so great ecommerce experiences



Note: Article originally posted on Jan 21, 2012 and re-posted on October 10, 2014

Written by Prital K. for

The world of e-commerce has evolved significantly over the past decade, yet despite countless amounts of information on successful e-commerce practices, we see some great examples of truly amazing e-commerce shopping experiences alongside atrocious customer service or operations, both from small startups to large public corporations. In this article we highlight a few of these examples to show the distance e-commerce has to go in learning lessons of good customer experience.

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