2 great and 2 not so great ecommerce experiences



Note: Article originally posted on Jan 21, 2012 and re-posted on October 10, 2014

Written by Prital K. for Asyscode.com

The world of e-commerce has evolved significantly over the past decade, yet despite countless amounts of information on successful e-commerce practices, we see some great examples of truly amazing e-commerce shopping experiences alongside atrocious customer service or operations, both from small startups to large public corporations. In this article we highlight a few of these examples to show the distance e-commerce has to go in learning lessons of good customer experience.

One recent atrocious customer shopping experience came from Dell.com. The B2B e-commerce space is talked about a lot less than consumer shopping, but Dell has attempted to create an e-commerce platform for small businesses looking for networks and workstations. Continue reading 2 great and 2 not so great ecommerce experiences